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1. How can you provide silica gel products with so low and competitive prices?
Unlike most trading companies which do not have their own factories and only act as middlemen, China Silica Gel Co. owns high capacity production factory - with over hundred of skilled workers and high-technology production lines, we can provide our customers with high quality silica gel products at prices that are far below our peers'. 

2. What payment types and currencies do you accept?
We accept the following payments:  Wire transfer or L/C at sight, We accept US Dollar, Euro. 

3. How to place an order?
Here is the procedure to place an order:
 i. Submit your order information which includes the product(s) that you want, the quantity, package size, your shipping address, the shipping method ( express, air freight, or by sea) etc. in one of the following three ways to us: Email to: qingdaohileadinglong@hotmail.com, or Fax to: +86-532-88759362
 ii. Once we receive your order, we will give you a price quote which includes the product cost, handling and shipping cost to you.
 iii. If you agree on the price, we will send an invoice for the 50% advance payment.
 iv. After we receive your advance payment, we will start to prepare your order.
 v. Once your order is ready for shipping, we will send you another invoice which includes the rest of 50% payment.
 vi. After you make the payment, we will ship your order and send the required documents (in case you need the document to customer clearance) to you. 

4. What countries do you export to?
Most of our products are exported to oversea market. Our company has established good reputation for manufacturing high quality of silica gel products exported globally to all continents including Europe, Asia, North American, South America, Africa, and Australia. 

5. Do you have minimum order requirement?
We are a manufacturer and we mainly do wholesaling - the minimum order is one 20-foot container, which can holds about 10 to 16 metric tons of product.

6. How long does it take to fulfill my order?
That depends on the product type and quantity you plan to order. For some hot products for which we keep certain amount of inventory, your order can be fulfilled in a few days. For products with no inventory, the time needed to produce them may vary, for example, usually for 16 metric tons of TS6 silica gel irregular granules, we can finish and ship them in about two weeks, but for 20 metric tons of silica gel cat litter, we can finish them in only one week. Usually your order can be fulfilled in 20 days. Once we receive your order, we will give you an estimated finish time. 

7.When selecting products what should I pay attention to?
There are more than 20 types or specifications of our products, including silica gel, food additive, catalyst, and many new products, so you must carefully determine and select what you really need. For example, silica gel indicator covers 3 different kinds of specifications, namely, blue silica gel, orange silica gelⅠ, orange silica gel Ⅱ. are available.

8.Can you send us some free product samples?
Of course, please just let us know what product sample(s) do you want, your shipping address, and your phone number. We will send you the free samples free with Express Mail - you probably will get them in about one week. We will cover the shipping cost and you do not need to pay anything. 

9. Do you offer drop-shipping services?
Yes, we do drop shipping and can ship the products directly to your customers. 

10.Do you do customs clearance?
Normally, the shipper will help you to arrange customs clearance. In some cases, it may need your assistance especially by air freight or sea delivery. 

11. Do you know how much import tax we have to pay?
You'd better consult with your local customs, since different countries have different rules.

12.What languages can you speak?
English and Mandarin Chinese are our official languages. Also, we can speak Japanese. 

13.When selecting packing of product, what should I pay attention to?
Several manners of packing are available for each of the most of our products. Please carefully choose the required manner of packing for your ordered product.

14.Is it possible to have something to be made to order if it is not listed in your product catalogue?
Customers who need special kinds or types of products with given specifications and manners of packing or other specific quality requirements can conclude special contracts with us, we will manufacture these products and deliver them to you according to your requirements. 

15. What contents should be confirmed when purchasing?
When you have decided to purchase something from us, please tell us the following information: a) type and specifications, b) quality indexes, c) order quantity, d) manner of packing, e) time of delivery, f) place of delivery, g) service type on delivery, and h) method of payment. We will offer you an accurate and satisfactory price of the product in our reply as soon as possible. 

16.What factors does the price depend on?
The price for an order depends on the following requirements: a) type and specifications, b) quality indexes, c) order quantity, d) manner of packing, e) time of delivery, f) place of delivery, g) service type on delivery, and h) method of payment. 

17. Is it possible for you to offer at a lower price?
Please carefully determine your specific requirements for the quality of product, because excessively high quality requirements will result in a much higher cost. In order to make a further comparison you are advised to click Guide to Purchasing of Products, and then make your decision reasonably. 

18. Is it possible to have special packing designed by the customer?
That's all right. Please submit to us your packing design and sign a special contract with us.