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Activated Carbon for Glucose

Activated Carbon for Glucose Activated Carbon for Glucose
Product name : Activated Carbon for Glucose
Item : HiL-050
Details :
 Appearance: black powder, odorless, tasteless, does not dissolve in the solvent commonly.
Performance: by the high quality coconut shell, wood and shell as raw material, zinc chloride, phosphoric acid as activator, the carbonization and activation, finished excellent adsorption capacity, low impurity content,
Application: suitable for the decolorization of sugar, sugar, maltose, sugar, and citric acid, cysteine, oil, chemical products in the removal, purification and refining of macromolecular pigment.

Analysis Project Test Data Analysis Project Test Data
Iodine value >900mg/g methylene blue adsorption value ≥120mg/g
Specific Surface Area >1000m2/g Moisture <8
PH 5-7