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Anti Mould Card for food

Anti Mould Card for food Anti Mould Card for food
Product name : Anti Mould Card for food
Item : HiL-056
Details :
Food freshness preservation card (Anti-mould card) is often said that the alcohol bag, external control type of food preservative, can be formed in a certain concentration of fresh food around the gas protection layer is used, fresh keeping agent is not affected by the pH effect of fresh food is. Because it has the double effect of contact sterilization and fumigation, it can inhibit the growth of many kinds of fungi, bacteria and spoilage bacteria, so as to play a good preservation effect.
It is the use of paper as the carrier, impregnation of edible alcohol and recipe mixture made with antibacterial, mildew, use conditions and leading technology, is a kind of ideal food preservative.
The preservation principle: the preservation of gas release, certain concentration formed in the food package around the gas protection layer, can inhibit and kill a variety of fungi, bacteria and other spoilage bacteria, and combined with the free water in food, reduce the water activity -- one of the important factors affecting the shelf life of food, so as to achieve the purpose of preservation.
Extensive use:
1) pastry food: cakes, ice cakes, crystal moon cake, hemp, glutinous rice sandwich group, Muffin Cake, cakes, Chiffon Cake, bread, cake, wife cake, Xiqiao light, Taro cake, cakes, rice cake, noodles and other Fried white radish patty;
2) dried aquatic products: fish slices, Roasted Eel tablets, cod fillet, squid, abalone, dried jerky;
3) dried meat products: beef, pork jerky, dried meat floss, sausage, bacon, shredded meat etc.;
4) dried foods: dried longan, litchi, Chinese wolfberry, red dates etc.;
5) other: bean curd, dried sweet potato, lily, seaweed, kelp, letinous edodes, areca original fruit etc..
Usage: the food and the corresponding model of this preservative in food packaging, sealing.
The character:
a), no leakage of powder pollution. Bag preservative because of the breakage of the packaging bag and the phenomenon of powder leakage, resulting in products mixed with food, and card like preservative to avoid this situation.
b). avoid eating. Some people do not know when to eat food, the fresh agent as a mistake to eat the food, causing some problems for consumers, and card like preservatives to eliminate the confusion.
c). the use of low cost.
d), convenient delivery.
e), broad spectrum sterilization.

The size of 3*3cm, putting in the weight of 30-50g food bags.
The size of 3.5*3.5cm, putting in the weight of 50-100g food bags.
The size of 4*4cm, putting in the weight of 100-150g food bags.
But, if the food containing relatively high moisure, or activity, should add more one card, or according to actual conditions.
Generally, the card in the food bags, and sealed well, which can work and last for 3months.

Also, my friend, regarding sample, because, at that time, we are very busy, closing to the Spring Festival, so, we are not sure, if we seal the samples well. Anyway, you can let your customer to test the samples firstly, I believe, our final goods will be better than samples.
What's more, once the bags open, you should take the AntiMould Card soon, and use them within 15minutes.
If you can not use them up, for the rest, you should seal airtight them well again.