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Bentonite Cat Litter

Bentonite Cat Litter Bentonite Cat Litter
Product name : Bentonite Cat Litter
Item : HiL-055
Details :
 Our Bentonite Cat Litter products has the following four characteristics:
1. large, medium and small particles of three mixing, 1.5-2 mm, 2-2.5mm. 2.5 4mm) in order to achieve the best results group effect, this process although the trouble and improve the cost, but after passing through the and ordinary particles agglomerate contrast test, group performance is better in about 15% of the ordinary products. 2. Second, the basic no dust, the product after granulation will immediately after removal, and then mixed, in front of the bagging to again after the dust removing machine dust, than the market most of the products after granulation directly bagging method compared, at least more a process of removing the dust. Can be achieved without dust. (only the transportation, loading and unloading process due to extrusion, beat will produce some very small dust, can be ignored)           
3, zero inventory, in order to guarantee the product the best drying, cat litter products of the company shall be connected in the production of single, never inventory and stocking products of about 2 days a container, after the production of the products directly loading delivery. In order to ensure that in the most dry state with the shortest time to the hands of customers.
4, safe and non-toxic, the raw materials the feed grade calcium base bentonite through a plurality of strict production process, does not contain any harmful chemical composition, even pets eating it will not affect health. 

The appearance of the product is close to the spherical 2-2.5mm, 1.5-2mm, 2.5-4mm gray white particles, and the other 2%-3% color particles. Moisture is less than 7% water absorption capacity > 300% dust 100 mesh less than 1%. Aggregation of 100 cm high fall is not bad. 

Our special patent is that, Fast Knot group, formed a saucer shaped, rather than a funnel shape, from 1 meters high fall, not bad, the adsorption capacity is better.  

Chemical Composition   Standard Test Results
SiO2 Min60% 66.28%
Al2O3 12-15% 13.10%
Fe2O3 1.5-3.0% 2.98%
N2O 1.5-4.0% 3.70%
CaO 2.0-3.5% 2.78%
MO 2.0-3.5% 3.01%
K2O 0.5-1.0% 0.71%