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Activated Carbon for Water treatment

Activated Carbon for Water treatment Activated Carbon for Water treatment
Product name : Activated Carbon for Water treatment
Item : HiL-049
Details :
Globular activated carbon:
Appearance: Black spherical or ellipsoidal.
Performance: the product is a new product of the country, the use of high quality lignite or anthracite and adhesives, catalysts, etc. by crushing, mixing, into the ball, drying, carbonization, activation and made. Have larger specific surface area and space agency. High mechanical strength, good desulfurization performance. High sulfur capacity, small application of resistance, air distribution uniformity, and so on. Uses: This product is widely used in the purification of semi water gas, raw material gas, oil field gas, gas, and carbon dioxide gas in the H2S and some organic sulfide.
Characteristics of globular activated carbon:
Coal globular activated carbon, because the kernel body can be made of different inorganic materials in the spherical shell material, spherical activated carbon specific surface area can be as high as 500-1000m2/g, is conducive to the spherical activated carbon material performance into full play. In addition, because of the good mechanical properties of the fluid flow channel formed by the spherical active carbon, the fluid flow through the activated carbon layer pressure drop is small, so it is especially suitable for the bed activated carbon stack height of fixed bed gas treatment device. Coal globular activated carbon is a high degree of active carbon prepared from petroleum pitch as raw material. In addition to the adsorption properties of activated carbon, there are many other characteristics.
1 small particles, high filling
2 high mobility
3 high purity and low ash content
4 high strength, high wear resistance
5 narrow size distribution


Characteristic Value

形状 Shape

球形 Sphere

填充密度 Apparent density

大约Approx 0.6g/ml


6~8 (can alter according to requirement)

比表面积 Surface area

1,100~1,300㎡/g (BET )

硬度 Hardness

> 90 % (GB )

干燥失重 Reduction on drying


碘吸附值 Iodine number


四氯化碳吸附量Carbon tetrachloride absorption capacity

70~85% (GB)

对糖分的吸附能力 Caramel adsorption

80~95% (GB)

对亚甲级蓝的脱色力Methylene blue adsorption

220~270ml/g (GB)

灰份 Ash content

<0.5% (可提供<0.05% can provide product <0.05% )

氯化物 Chloride

< 0.1 %

硫酸盐 Sulfate

< 0.05%

酸中溶解物 Acid soluble substances

< 10 mg

铁盐 Iron

< 0.05%

锌盐 Zinc

< 0.02%

重金属 Heavy metals

< 30 ppm

苯酚含量 Phenol Value

Approx 180 mg/g

Application field of spherical activated carbon:
1, solvent recovery:
Industrial use of organic solvents in a wide variety of products, in the advent of the same time, some organic solvents are emitted into the atmosphere to form pollution, resulting in profound social problems. To this end, a chemical engineering company in Japan to develop the use of spherical activated carbon, solvent recovery device, in the domestic and foreign electrical, chemical, automotive industry, pharmaceutical and other industries, has established more than 400 sets of devices. Energy saving, no drainage solvent recovery and desorption device, has been unanimously praised by everyone.
2, filter and other gas treatment:
Spherical activated carbon for its high purity, low dust, spherical, low pressure loss characteristics and super purification ability, has been in the semiconductor industry purification filter network of the adsorption material, electronic devices and other gas processing, automotive interior environment purification using adsorption materials, etc..
3, water treatment:
Activated carbon adsorption treatment is a branch of water treatment, with the water pollution in recent years and the strengthening of the management measures, the demand for activated carbon is also increasing. In the activated carbon adsorption process, fluidized bed method show excellent cleaning efficiency, in a fluidized bed which is using spherical activated carbon as adsorbent for water purification plant has played 10 years of efficacy. In addition, the use of its high purity, low dust, wear-resistant characteristics, spherical activated carbon in the pure water manufacturing device and the drainage treatment device is also used.
4 other applications:
Adsorption materials for fine chemicals
Adsorption materials for catalyst support
Collecting materials for gas analysis
Filling material for gas chromatography
Adsorption material for sole
Materials used in sterilization equipment, etc.
Smoke filter
Health products, gifts