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Common clay desiccant

Common clay desiccant
Product name : Common clay desiccant
Item : HiL-027
Details :
Environment-Friendly: Our products have been made from natural minerals without being contaminated in the process of production. It is safe and secure for application, without any harm to the human beings. It can degrade completely, being able to be disposed of after removing the package cover as ordinary waste.
Excellent Absorption Ability: The absorptive ability is stronger than silica gel desiccant products.
Multi-functional: The improved production technology and formula of ingredients can help to strengthen the product''s ability to prevent pests and moths and can thus keep the product at its highest quality.
They can be packed in small sachets to be used for Garments,Shoes,Caps,Foodstuff,and cargo in Container.
The shape: Bead, color: Pale yellow  Sizes: 2.0-2.8mm, 2.8-3.5mm, 3-5mm.
Technical Indices
Particle size ømm
2.0-2.8 / 2.8-3.5 / 3-5
Appearance and color
Spherical , Pale yellow
Density of loose packing   g/ml
>= 0.68
static moisture-absorbing capacity %
>= 25
         Rate of particle qualified %
Rate of friction loss %
<= 0.2
Moisture content  %
<= 1.5