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Ethylene Absorber sachets

Ethylene Absorber sachets Ethylene Absorber sachets Ethylene Absorber sachets
Product name : Ethylene Absorber sachets
Item : HiL-043
Details :

Product introductions:
Ethylene absorbent can bring fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers in the storage process, by their own or external gas ethylene plant aging caused by adsorption decomposition. Ethylene absorbent is physiologically active preservation, can make the storage period of fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers prolonged, especially for ethylene sensitive vegetables, fruits, flowers, for example: apple, Kiwi (Actinidia), broccoli, cantaloupe, (Xi Lanhua), coriander (Yuan Sui), carnation, orchids need long or more long term storage plants have obvious preservation effect.

Fresh keeping principle
Ethylene is a plant hormone mature, will emit volatile gas of material itself in all plant tissues, also by external combustion into, in the concentration of trace (0.1PPM) physiological changes can affect plant, make in the flower quality deterioration, plants need of ethylene on growth and blossom period of stimulation, stimulation of active components of plant maturation. Fruit and vegetable growth also produce ethylene in the fields, but in the open in the open space, ethylene is very easy to the wind. But the harvest of fruits and vegetables is greatly different. Because of the maturity of the fruit and vegetable storage space in the carton or cold storage and other enclosed. Coupled with the recovery time of the wound produces large amounts of ethylene, ethylene accumulation of lingering, and stimulate the plants to produce more amount of ethylene. Ethylene accelerate plant maturation and aging, so as to greatly reduce the storage life and quality of fruit and vegetable, flower. Therefore, in the upper air circulation refrigeration container or a refrigerator or air outlet of the air suspension wave type ethylene absorbent. Ethylene absorbent placed in packaging carton in the packet, to absorb the excess of ethylene, ethylene is the product by the extent of the damage the lowest. So as to achieve the effect of preservation.

Matters of fruit vegetable and flower using ethylene absorption and storage should be paid attention to:
1 recovery matters needing attention
(1) should not be applied before harvest a large number of excessive nitrogen fertilizer and irrigation, otherwise it will shorten the service life of the storage and preservation.
(2) in the sunny harvest fruits and vegetables, flowers, prolong storage life.
(3) the appropriate maturity.
(4) to avoid the artificial, mechanical damage.

2 control appropriate storage at low temperature
Different fruits and vegetables, flowers have different temperature requirements, reduce the temperature can effectively mitigate The new supersedes the old., generally speaking, is a tropical fruit and vegetable storage temperature is higher, belongs to the temperate fruits and vegetables storage temperature is low, can distinguish between 1-2 DEG C, 4.5 C, 10 C, 13-15 C. If a large number of fruit and vegetable, flower with time at a time into refrigeratory, best first by pre cold re storage.

3 Humidity Control
Cold treatment for various fruits and vegetables and flowers, are the most suitable relative humidity, humidity for most fruit vegetable and flower too low easy cause dehydration wilting (broccoli, strawberry, litchi, Gypsophila paniculata), however relative humidity storage of garlic is low (65-75%), otherwise easy to shoot canker.

Using the method of ethylene absorbent

1. ethylene absorber sachets usage and the fruit and vegetable types and storage time on: if the fruit and vegetable species belonged to the higher ethylene production. For example: apple, peach, apricot, avocado, Kiwi (Kiwi), papaya, muskmelon, then use more ethylene absorbent amount. If the fruit and vegetable species belonged to the ethylene production is low, for example: Asparagus, broccoli, potato, cherry, citrus, strawberry, grape, jujube, pomegranate, while using less amount of ethylene absorbent. In addition, the storage time to three months, which belongs to the ethylene absorbent used amount. 
For example, the higher amount of ethylene produced apple, 5Kg apples, then, you can put our Ethylene absorber sachet 1-2pcs of 5g/sachet.
The amount of generated lower grape of ethylene, 10kg grapes with 1-2pcs of 5g/sachet too.

2. box or bag: Place the Ethylene Absorber Sachets on top of fruits and vegetables, air circulation, seal the box or bag, that's OK!!

For example: 5g-10g/sachet: applicable to small fruit box, such as: apple about 3kg weight; 
10g-15g/ sachet:
applicable to medium fruit box, fruit and vegetables (high amount of ethylene produced their weight about 5kg); 
15g-20g/ sachet
: medium large fruit box, fruit and vegetables (the amount of ethylene produced higher their weight about 10kg).
20g-25g/ sachet large fruit box, fruit and vegetables (the amount of ethylene produced higher their weight about 15kg).

3. Containers, cold storage (refrigeratory): the use of wave ethylene absorber sachets, hanging in the library circulation of air or air outlet. 
Usually, the fruits and vegetables refrigerated container (20 foot container) with 2-3kg ethylene absorber sachets with hanger.
5g/sachet, 10g/sachet, 15g/sachet, 20g/sachet, 25g/sachet, 50g/sachets. Or, according to the customers' requirements.