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Micro-Pak Sticker Mouldproof Piece

Micro-Pak Sticker Mouldproof Piece Micro-Pak Sticker Mouldproof Piece Micro-Pak Sticker Mouldproof Piece Micro-Pak Sticker Mouldproof Piece
Product name : Micro-Pak Sticker Mouldproof Piece
Item : HiL-042
Details :
 Mouldproof piece  (Mildewproof sheet) can effectively eliminate the bacteria and moulds in footwear products (Shoes), leathers, bags, candy etc, and absolutely environmental protection. Much better than green mustard, spray, wet extractor, ultraviolet light and other kinds of method is more effective to eliminate the mold, in transit for footwear, leather, bags, Candy products and packaging to provide complete protection, make the customer can buy no smell fresh and clean shoes. Anti-mold chip components for recycled polyethylene of low concentration food grade.

Mouldproof piece of advantages:

1, effective against the mold

2, to the right users safe

3, will not damage the environment, reduce waste and garbage

4, according to the surrounding temperature and humidity control release quantity

5, contact gently only, can play a function of anti-mildew

6, eliminate bad smell, keep the shoes smell fresh

Compared with other products and aseptic process mould will clear mouldproof piece more superior than the following methods:

1, the silica gel can only absorb moisture, no mildew resistant. If use quantity is insufficient, the air contains moisture can still support mold growth. If before using silica gel bag of the water is not completely dry, cannot play a role of mildew in the shoe box. Mould will clear mouldproof piece can absorb moisture, and can produce active ingredients chlorine dioxide to eliminate the bacteria, mould, will not harm the health of consumers. Mould will clear mouldproof piece packed in foil seal, when torn, will work, otherwise, never exposed to air.

2, general disinfection spray effect is unsustainable, and even can make objects fade. And the disinfection of the powerful spray more endanger the health of workers and customers, and the ecological environment, thus not been encouraged to use in the footwear manufactured goods. Mouldproof piece can always work, until the product reach consumers' hands, does not damage the product, more can improve the smell. Regardless of the source of mold since a place, can be effectively eliminated.

3, green mustard, the action of the mold and fungus no destroy only in a few hours resistance slow fungus growth, after bacterial growth will rebound. Mouldproof piece to transit has guaranteed the product without intrusion mold.

4, uv ultraviolet light can only work on certain kinds of bacteria, and no exposure to the light, can't play any antibacterial performance. Mouldproof piece can effectively deal with a variety of pollutants, regardless of the shoes inside and outside, all time sterilization function into full play. After mouldproof piece more can pack the goods, against foreign mold

5, suction wet machine for wet machine is expensive, only in wetted protection within the warehouse, but it can't eliminate the bacteria. Mouldproof piece can completely eliminate the mold, the cost is much lower than smoke wet machine, more can still play a protection after the goods are shipped from the warehouse.

6, general cleaning steps in general cleaning steps in the manufacturing plant, can only remove a few mold, as for the outside to the material and packing of the factory, have no antibacterial function. Mould will clear mouldproof piece in any environment, including raw material, shoe box, cartons, containers, could effectively eliminate mildew, whether in the factory, or out of the warehouse, the effect still exists. Mould will be clear, therefore, mouldproof piece is undoubtedly protective footwear, leather the best items, do not damage the environment, the effect lasting, the inexpensive, is indeed a good value, mildew antibacterial of choice.

Packing specification: 

Sizes: 2.5 cm * 5 cm/Pc, 2000pcs /roll, 10roll/carton

Sizes: 5 cm * 5 cm/Pc, 1000pcs /roll, 10roll/carton

Advanced way of mouldproof, to keep the mildew factor, can absolutely effective inhibitory, blue-green bacteria, coliform bacteria, fungi, algae, spore, heterotrophic bacteria, etc., kill the mold, the effect is remarkable, environmental protection and efficient. When high humidity or moisture in the air. Moisture will enter in green without DMF mouldproof paper, causing dry solid state reaction, chlorine dioxide, inhibiting microbial pollution, and controls the smell.

Second, how to use mouldproof piece?

Anti-mold chip using method is very simple, is to use the steps as below: 1. Open the platinum paper bags and take out the mouldproof piece. 2. The final process of packing, tear will take one or more pieces mildew clear mouldproof and post them in the box, the effect is more significant. Please note that as of mouldproof piece do not contact directly with shoes, case and leather under different environment secondary reaction. It is better to non-woven wrap shoes. 3. With mildew will clear mouldproof piece immediately after the shoe cover again and do not open it. 4. To use mouldproof piece stored in platinum paper bag and use tape to seal as soon as possible.


(1) mouldproof piece how to work?

When the footwear products for final packaging, mouldproof piece is put in the shoe box or bag. When the humidity in the air, moisture into strips, and touch the chemical reaction, forming the unique mouldproof piece of environment. This mouldproof piece of environment within the packaging, can inhibit microbial breeding, do not grow out of the mold.

(2) how long can deposit mouldproof piece?

If the product has not yet been kaifeng, mouldproof piece can be stored for one year. If the product has kaifeng, should use as soon as possible. Any unused mouldproof piece shall be immediately back platinum paper bag inside, and finished in the second day, this is the best.

(3) how should preserve mouldproof piece?

Mouldproof piece should be put in dry environment, from the sun.

If we will long stored footwear (for example, two months), before loading

And there are no utility mouldproof piece?

(4) mouldproof piece can still work, but the utility period shorten, shoes depends on the length of the deposit period and the humidity in the air.

(5) if for some reason we will put all the shoe to open again, whether to need to replace mouldproof piece?

If you open the box again, mouldproof piece of environment will change, the new mould to have the opportunity to seep in. So it is best to replace mouldproof piece.

Mouldproof piece: by absorbing moisture in the air to produce chemical reaction, release the ozone, carbon dioxide, kill bacteria, fungi, mold, such as to inhibit the growth of fungi, the purpose of protection of leather products.