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Product name : OXYGEN ABSORBER
Item : HiL-031
Details :
Oxygen Absorbent
Free from poison, absorbing oxygen thoroughly, and time required for becoming vacuum is short. It keeps foods of various kinds from mildew, insects. Meanwhile, it maintains the original flavor of the foods and the fresh,nutrition ingredient almost as well. Still more striking is that it has outstanding effect in rustproof and mildew-proof of the long maintenance of expensive metal, instruments.
Characteristics: [OXYMOVE] is a kind of ferrous oxygen absorbent. It completely absorbs oxygen in the package and significantly extends the best-before date of packaged foods by the oxidizing reaction of iron powder. Various types are available for various uses.
Application: Various pastries, moon cake, pork, beef; Ch.heral Medicine and other dried products throughout the country. In fact, our products can be widely used in almost all the foods that must be kept from mildew, rust, and other expensive metal, instrument, etc. Theory of Reaction: Fe+3/4O2+3/2H2O=Fe (OH)3
Variety Type Amount Oxygen bsorbed Specification Vacuum duration
HL-I 30 1.6G 90CC 35mm*40mm �24HOURS
HL-II 50 2G 150CC 35mm*50mm �2HOURS
HL-III 100 3.5G 300CC 40mm*55mm �24HOURS
HL-IV 200 6G 600CC 40mm*65mm �24HOURS
HL-V 300 8.5G 900CC 60mm*70mm �24HOURS
HL-VI 500 12G 1500CC 60mm*90mm �24HOURS
1. As soon as Oxygen Absorbent is opened and meeting with oxygen, it reacts. So it shall be used up in 2 hours (otherwise it will lost effect). The shorter the time is, the more effective the desiccant will be. Be aware that it can抰 be recycled. 2. The sealing container must be kept in the condition of well sealed. Formula of amount of oxygen: Amount of oxygen in fixed sealed container = [length of the packing container (cm)* the width (cm) * the height (cm) � net weight (g) *21% (amount of oxygen in the air) 3. The package must be sealed as soon as objects are put in. The width of seal ranges from 5mm to 10mm. In addition, the seal shall be flat, sound, free from water, oil, in fear of leaking air. 4. Though containing no poison, it is not eatable. 5. It shall be kept from oil, water in fear of weakening the effect. 6. When using desiccant air packing, desiccant should be put in appropriate places of the container to best guarantee that it can dehumidify all sealed space. And we will be responsible for any quality problem.