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SuperAbsorbent desiccant small sachets

SuperAbsorbent desiccant small sachets
Product name : SuperAbsorbent desiccant small sachets
Item : HiL-045
Details :
SuperAbsorbent desiccant small sachets is for the development of the high performance of the packaging of all walks of life to the high performance desiccant, to "g" as the measurement unit. Can choose a variety of different moisture absorption of raw materials and a variety of special packaging materials to meet the needs of different users. Using the most advanced "double film sealed by 4sides" technology, to adapt to all kinds of material and according to the user needs to adjust the desiccant performance, the real meaning of the user tailored. Small package 2g-100g specifications are complete, can be widely used in different products of different moisture resistant packaging needs.
Packing materials: paper laminating with DuPont (Tyvek), external advanced waterproof breathable composite membrane
Product core strengths:
1) super absorbent. Moisture absorption and moisture absorption rate can be adjusted according to user's demand, moisture absorption rate: the maximum amount of up to more than 300%, moisture absorption rate: 25%-100%/ days. The smaller the size, the faster the moisture absorption rate, the moisture absorption rate of the curve.
2) no reverse osmosis. The latest automatic packaging machine technology, independent research and development of the best package material support, gel formulation technology (product moisture before the white dry powder or granular into gel form, to avoid the source of leakage), as well as double layer advanced packaging technology most likely to ensure product safety.
3) harmless, non corrosive, the environment and the human body are no poison, no DMF.
4) beautiful appearance, durable, tailored for the user.
5) the complete specifications: 2 g ~100 g / pc.
6) for the user to prevent moisture problems, a small investment in large returns, once we use our super absorbent desiccant can ensure that the high value of the product in the best condition of the goods shipped to the destination in the best condition, free of moisture damage.
7) a competitive price: the spirit of saving money for the user and to maximize the starting point to avoid moisture problems, professional R & D design team to provide users with the best cost-effective moisture proof scheme, to ensure that the user satisfaction.